We design for community, collaboration, and culture.

Design Education.

Design Corps is dedicated to educating individuals, organizations and businesses about the value of design thinking. Through coffee talks, meetups, design classes and seminars, we offer ways to learn more about design as a tool for today’s ever-changing, evolving, and growing communities.

Design Networking.

Mingling and interacting with many other groups and disciplines, provides opportunities to hear and learn of shared narratives, and common efforts. We Host a multitude of events that are always open to the public.

Design Mentorships.

Our community has designers at all stages of their work and careers. Design Corps is dedicated to providing opportunity for students and emerging designers to work with established practitioners to augment the classroom environment with real-life learning.

Design Community.

Increasing and accelerating value through design is critical to who We Are. To this end we seek opportunities to collaborate with one another, businesses and organizations. If you are interested in discussing a collaborative endeavor with us, please email us at sayhi@dev.design-corps.org.