Design Glossary


Designing campaigns for paid placement in publications, websites, or radio spots.

Art Direction

Overseeing the visual style and imagery in a campaign; managing the project’s overall design vision and directing others to produce artwork and layouts to bring the aesthetic to fruition.


Writing content on an ongoing basis for a company’s frequently updated, chronological, journal-format website.


A company’s overall emotional impression; the personality of an organization as perceived by its audience. A designer can assist in forming the foundation of a brand to reflect a business’s core values.

Community Building

Creating or enhancing a sense of community within a regional area or common interest group, including event planning, inviting key contributors, creating structure and promotion, and building self-sustaining momentum to develop the target audience.

Content Development

The process of authoring, researching, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication.

Content Strategy

Creating the why and how; crafting powerful effective, brand-appropriate messages to communicate with a company’s target audience. A method of defining the over­all aim of a client’s site, campaign, or project with mea­sur­able results.


Producing written text for print or online projects and campaigns, including advertising, press releases, and product/brand information.

Design Strategy

Merging business and creative objectives in a meaningful way; determining what a company should make and do to accomplish short- and long-term goals through an interplay of design and business strategy.

Event Design

Building a plan for an event concept from start to finish, including: cross-branding with company materials, promotion, production, decor, audio, and on-site happenings.

Identity Development

Creating specific visual devices that support the brand as a whole, such as designs for stationery, marketing collateral, packaging, apparel, signage, and messaging.

Logo Design

Identifies a business in a recognizable and memorable way, through the use of a graphic mark or icon.


Systematic planning and implementation of positioning and promotional campaigns, with a focus on longterm relationships.

Marketing Consulting

Creating and implementing a detailed plan to generate buzz and attract the right customers; determining the marketing message, identifying appropriate channels for execution, monitoring results, and analyzing consumer behavior.

Marketing Strategy

Combining a company’s marketing goals into a cohesive plan, drawing from market research and identifying a mix of offerings that will maximize profit and sustain the business.


Design of printed items, including finished products such as business cards, brochures, posters, magazine layouts, and product labels and packaging; coordination of the printing production process, techniques, papers, and finishes.


Making a series of digital audio episodes, which are available to subscribers for online download or streaming.

Public Relations

Facilitating editorial media coverage for a company, its events, or products; cultivating a strong relationship with relevant journalists via press releases, distribution, and follow-up for possible story placement.

Publication Design

Wide range of designs for magazines, newspapers, annual reports, product catalogs, newsletters, and journals, from draft through printing and finishing techniques.

Rich Media

Online advertising content employing dynamic motion which responds to user interaction, such as streaming video, downloaded applets, and ads that change in response to the user’s mouse.

Social Media

Crafting and implementing a marketing strategy specifically for a company’s social media outlets, including generating posts over an extended period of time, on a regular basis.


Capturing moving images on camera, including sound, lighting, and post-production editing for uses such as events, promotions, web campaigns, and tv commercials.

Website Design

The creative process of planning a comprehensive visual composition for a virtual experience, which responds to the actions of its viewers. Designing the customer-facing part of a website; concerned with customer interaction, visual impact, and usability.

Web Development

Programming and interactions on the back-end of a website, focused on how a site functions and employing the best platforms and and scripts for each solution.

UI (User Interface) Design

Design of interfaces for machines and software such as computers, mobile devices, home appliances, and other electronic devices, with the focus on maximizing the user experience.

UX (User Experience) Research

Planning the total experience of the user as they move throughout a website or app.