Electric Playhouse, Inc.

My personal creative interests and passion lie in building technology-driven experiences that bridge the gap between reality and fantasy, extending into the physical spaces around us. With rapid advances in technology, these experiences will become more and more integrated into our daily lives. I hope to help create these experiences and take technology-enhanced interactions to the next level.

Electric Playhouse strives to build immersive experiences that amaze, engage, entertain and educate. We are museum-goers, artists, technologists, designers, architects and engineers – these combined backgrounds and interests have led us to this time in history, where an explosion of more interesting and experiential activities is imminent. We want visitors to our spaces to be mesmerized & engaged, but also challenged and encouraged to explore. As the core of our team has one or more children of their own, we want to build the next generation of incredible accessible experiences that not only our families and friends can enjoy, but thousands of other families and visitors can experience.