Guin White: Itsula Design

Itsula: the Cherokee word for “we.” A word I embrace. A word meaning together. Hi, I’m Guin — short for Guinevere, and I incorporate inclusivity and accessibility in design. “Itsula” is always top of mind for me as I work for you. Even though much of my work is completed solo, there is always “Itsula” — we — in mind. ? A “unicorn” and compassionate business builder, I’m a UX/UI design and diversity + inclusivity specialist with experience in sales, marketing and development. I help organizations struggling with ways to effectively connect people by stripping away obstacles blocking engagement and inhibiting success through design thinking methodology, remote technology, web development, accessibility and UX/UI. Using empathy and deep understanding, I adopt and embrace my clients’ objectives which drives synergy and growth, saves resources, increases revenues and morale. My collaborative, human-centered approach results in rewarding solutions to today’s complex design, marketing and branding challenges.